First To Everest is a 5 piece punk rock band out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The band was first started in 2016 by founding members Josh Powell (guitars and vocals) and Robert Morris (vocals). The music strives for emotionally charged lyrics and pop-infused punk rock riffs.


Their first first two songs ‘Heroes’ and ‘Victim’ were written while Robert was partially homeless and living on Josh’s couch. Some of the music was written on an acoustic guitar that Robert had to sell to make ends meet. The songs were about Robert’s current difficult situation and overcoming adversity, addiction and creating one’s own success. Most notably, the song ‘Victim’ includes lines directly out of Robert’s life at the time. The chorus drives home his goal: “I won’t fall victim to this kind of life.”


The band later added Danny Curtin (guitar), Christian Dean (drums), DJ Douds (bass) to round out a lineup and ‘because they we’re cool dudes.’ The band is currently working on their first EP which is due out in early 2018.


Robert Morris sings…
Josh Powell – Guitar, vocals
Danny Curtin – Guitar, vocals
DJ Douds – Bass, dirty vocals
Christian Dean – Drums